Celebrating our 18th annual event, this year’s conference promises to be very exciting. This year’s event will be held at the CTICC from the 16th – 19th July 2017.

Delegate Profile Over 300 organisations are represented, and these include:
  • Administrators
  • Medical schemes
  • Managed care organisations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government departments

If your organisation would like a customised package, we will gladly tailor the benefits to match your needs. Our event format will offer your organisation various marketing and networking opportunities, allowing for customised engagement and reach, through packages that best fit your preferences and budget.

To take advantage of this GREAT opportunity, click on the link below to view the various sponsorship packages and exhibition details or contact Mary Manamela on 011 537 0270 marym@bhfglobal.com


Listed in 1998, EOH is Africa’s largest technology service provider, o­ffering superior consulting, technology and outsourcing services through 134 locations in South Africa and over 50 countries internationally. Following a stringent operating model, EOH provides high value, end-to-end solutions to clients in all industry verticals. At EOH Health, our focus is to strengthen and enhance health service delivery by drawing on the consulting, technology, and outsourcing competencies within the EOH group, which include claims processing management; health sector consulting; health facility operation management and engineering; workplace health solutions; information systems development and business modelling.

Medshield Medical Scheme has been in operation since 1968, making them one of the most experienced, most knowledgeable and most reliable Medical Schemes in South Africa. The Scheme’s extensive experience in the healthcare funding sector guides their understanding of members’ needs. Today, the Scheme is one of the largest and most trusted in the country. Excellent medical cover and benefits combined with the best quality systems and service have resulted in the Scheme’s exceptional size and financial sustainability.

The Scheme has for the last decade consistently maintained an AA- Global Credit Rating. This accolade confirms the Scheme’s ability to pay members’ claims promptly and in a sustainable manner. As a Scheme with an AA- Global Credit rating, a solvency ratio that is significantly higher than the required 25% and a reputation for prompt claim settlements, Medshield delivers exceptional value to its members.

After 76 years in the business, MediKredit has stood the test of time and has earned an impressive reputation as the Pharmaceutical Benefit Management system that never sleeps. With a guaranteed uptime of more than 99.5% and a point of service response of less than five seconds, MediKredit has pioneered and perfected online real-time claims processing in the South African healthcare market.

In addition, we provide a wholly owned electronic gateway to switch healthcare claims for public and private hospitals and healthcare professionals to healthcare funders.

MediKredit has brought several impressive firsts to the South African market, including:

  • The fist generic reference pricing system, MMAP® in 1987.
  • Therapeutic Reference Pricing.
  • NAPPI®, the industry benchmark for coding of pharmaceutical, surgical and consumable products.

Designed for speed, accuracy and absolute reliability the locally developed, internationally patented MediKredit system offers more than a million combinations of rules, thereby providing clients with the exact application of almost any conceivable benefit design option they could possibly wish for.

MediKredit became a fully accredited managed care organisation in 2004. Our service offering, which is steeped in precision and reliability, has been underpinned by a formal, ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System since 2003.

Our unique skill set provides Medical Schemes with definitive added value services for managing optical claims.

98% of registered Optometrists have contracted with PPN.

We offer Medical Schemes 3 different contractual options to choose from;

  1. Capitation - using the PPN network of providers.
  2. Fee for service - using the PPN network of providers.
  3. Administration of a medical schemes own network of providers.

PPN has been primarily focussed on developing effective anti fraud interventions that result in meaningful savings for schemes.

Our anti-fraud interventions result in reducing claims by up to 20% for contracted schemes.

Currently we have 4.6 m lives contracted;

  1. 2.6 m lives contracted under options 1& 2.
  2. 2m lives contracted under option 3.

We are constantly re engineering our systems, knowing that it takes investment and innovation to stay ahead of fraud and collusion.

FACT : Excellent service record for 23 years
FACT : The most sophisticated and effective fraud controls
FACT : Most cost effective basic benefit design
FACT : New innovative improvements
FACT : Cost effective optical benefit management
FACT : If you haven’t asked us to quote you may be missing out – allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of using our initiatives by emailing us on management@ppn.co.za


The South African Medical Association (“SAMA”) as we know it today was formally constituted on 21 May 1998 as a unification of a variety of doctors groups that had represented a diversity of interests.

Today, SAMA is a non-statutory, professional association for public and private sector medical
practitioners. It functions as a non-profit company registered in terms of the Companies Act as well as a Public Sector registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act. SAMA is a voluntary membership association, existing to serve the best interests and needs of its members in any and all health care related matters.

Combining deep local understanding with truly global insight. Our deep, practical understanding of the unique nature of South Africa’s health sector can help you to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific challenges and that will be sustainable in the long term. The international experience of our team and our global network of healthcare experts will ensure that this solution is at the leading edge of healthcare.

We use our deep expertise, an affinity for data and analytical prowess to provide advice that is principled, context-relevant and accessible. Insight has a multi-disciplinary team where we leverage the skills of actuaries, clinicians, data analysts and developers to enable a holistic solutions approach. Our ongoing investment into research, technologies and powerful tool development empowers our clients to deal with the complexities of the healthcare system and to remain future-oriented.

Visit www.insight.co.za for more information.

The HPCSA is committed to promoting the health of the population, determining standards of professional education and training, setting and maintaining excellent standards of ethical and professional practice.

The Council guides and regulates the health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing professional development, and fostering compliance with healthcare standards. All individuals who practise any of the health care professions incorporated in the scope of the HPCSA are obliged by the Health Professions Act No. 56 of 1974 to register with the Council. Failure to do so constitutes a criminal offence.

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) promotes vibrant & affordable healthcare cover for all.

It ensures protection for medical scheme members and informs them of their rights. Furthermore, the CMS keeps an eye on medical schemes’ financial performance and ensures their compliance with the Medical Schemes Act of 1998.

Our contact details:
Customer Care Centre: 0861 123 267
E-mail: information@medicalschemes.com

3ONE Consulting Actuaries is a niche actuarial consulting firm, run by three actuaries with significant experience in healthcare consulting. This includes consulting in a variety of markets, including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. We stand for meaningful consulting, with our focus on true client value unlocked through our fresh approach, analytical prowess and professional experience. As an independent consulting firm, 3ONE’s primary obligation is that all advice given is without bias, incentive or reward, and therefore represents an accurate and objective opinion or recommendation.


As the largest retail pharmacy chain in South Africa, Clicks is a key service provider to the medical scheme industry and its members. Clicks plays the role of a dispensary providing acute and chronic medicine, and a primary healthcare provider through a network of over 195 Clicks clinics. It is imperative that Clicks demonstrates to the industry in a clear manner how it is driving the national healthcare agenda of services for all through affordability, access, accountability and professionalism, while looking towards the future of patient-centred healthcare.

Healthcare management reinvented

Excellence, quality healthcare, easy access and affordability are the qualities that set South Africa’s fastest growing healthcare brand apart from its competitors.

Universal Healthcare is a world-class managed care organisation and medical scheme administrator offering a diverse range of healthcare products and services.

Renowned for its winning culture and pioneering role in the healthcare management industry, Universal Healthcare and the medical schemes under its administration continue to outperform competitors with impressive benefits offering unmatched value.

The effective management of these medical schemes, and the considerable attention paid to ensuring the wellbeing of the members of the schemes under our administration, remain central to our ability to ensure appreciable value for our clients.

The client-centric, results-driven Universal Healthcare operating model underpins every aspect of our business. It integrates knowledgeable, competent and experienced people; robust and streamlined processes; and a scalable, proven system to deliver best-of-breed healthcare services and products.

We’ve perfected the balance between quality, access, excellence of care and cost efficiency for over four decades.

Batsumi Claims Management Solutions has been providing third party and supply claims administrative services to the medical schemes and public health sector since 1995. Our company purpose: “To assist our clients in creating equitable, sustainable, quality healthcare for all, in the quest for excellence in healthcare service.” This is achieved through the integration and balancing of the diverse needs of all stakeholders including the communities we serve. Our services include comprehensive MVA & IOD claims administration and risk management services. Focusing on maximizing the recovery of costs incurred by our clients, in an effort to reduce financial shortfalls resulting from MVA & IOD-related claims. This is achieved through the use of dynamic claim processing technology, which facilitates effective and swift submission of claims against the Road Accident Fund and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases. As a leader in the industry, Batsumi has expertise and skills to develop effective processes unique to every client and is committed to continuous process improvement to achieve best practice, increased productivity and render a high quality service to all its clients. Our focused approach to payments and reconciliations provides us with the capability to proactively deal with any billing discrepancy swiftly and effectively.


Healthier lifestyles are heralded as ‘the new cure’, however, sustaining healthy behaviour change is tough! Your members may know the basics about what to do to stay healthy and prevent chronic illness, but often lack the skills and willpower to apply that knowledge when making daily choices about their health.

The inherent difficulty in changing behaviour requires a team effort. The probability of successful behaviour change increases significantly when all the pieces of the puzzle - managed care programmes, administration services, benefit design, provider networks, workplace wellness initiatives and rewards programmes - align behind a common behaviour change goal.

MMI has acquired a carefully selected range of ‘best-of-breed’ companies and capabilities within the healthcare sector. Our clients can benefit from the unique expertise and capability each company offers as well as the opportunity to access this value through an integrated value proposition and seamless, customer-centric delivery.

Benefits include the enhanced networks capabilities of CareCross Health (CareCross), as well as the ability to diversify benefit structures using the largest gap product supplier in the market, Guardrisk. Hello Doctor, also a member of the MMI family, strengthens our ability to engage and support healthy behaviour change through digital channels.

A member of the MMI Group of Companies, MMI Health is a key pillar in our company strategy to improve the “financial wellness” of individuals, businesses and their communities (stakeholders). We have many years of experience in improving the wellness of medical scheme members while delivering successful and sustainable risk management for schemes.

At Abbott, we believe that access to information about your health should be universal, painless, worry-free. We have revolutionized the way people monitor their glucose with our new flash glucose monitoring technology named the FreeStyle Libre system that eliminates routine finger pricks and provides better glucose insights, trends and patterns to improve overall diabetes management.

Life Healthcare Group, one of the largest private healthcare providers in southern Africa – offers specialist focused, multi-disciplinary hospital and related healthcare services at 64 medical facilities based in southern Africa.  The Group also provides complementary services including acute rehabilitation, mental healthcare and renal dialysis. Focused on quality and clinical excellence, we place our patients at the centre of care.

Our business-to-business services include employee wellness and occupational health as well as contracted healthcare management services to government facilities.

Internationally, we are represented by Scanmed S.A. in Poland; Alliance Medical Group in the United Kingdom and Max Healthcare in India.

About GEMS
GEMS was specifically established to meet the healthcare needs of Government Employees. As a scheme GEMS offers five excellent healthcare benefit options: Sapphire, Beryl, Ruby, Emerald Value, Emerald and Onyx. Our goal is to help public service employees and their families to get the best possible healthcare at the most affordable rate.

Our mission is to provide all members with equitable access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare; promoting member wellbeing. 
Our vision is that we become an excellent, sustainable and effective medical scheme that drives transformation in the healthcare industry, aligned with the principles of universal healthcare coverage
Contact details: GEMS Call Centre: 0860 00 4367
Email: enquiries@gems.gov.za
Website: http://www.gems.gov.za

Transpharm is one of south Africa’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors.
Transpharm is dedicated to providing you the top quality products and world-class service. We stock an extensive range of Ethicals, Front shop, Surgical and Veterinary products. Our philosophy is simple - wider range, better prices and quicker deliveries.

RapidDeploy simplifies the complexity of emergency services dispatch, making a real and positive impact on your business. Through the use of advanced telematics, we create full electronic ecosystems that give you complete control of your system data from beginning to end. As world leaders in dispatch technology, we have the experience and expertise to deploy this technology effectively.  See more on www.rapiddeploy.com

We are Merck, a pioneering company that advances technologies for life. Across healthcare, life science and performance materials, we bring specialist and high quality products to the world.

Brilliant ideas are born at Merck. They can be life-changing, influencing how we tackle major illness, or integral to the objects we rely on. From cancer therapies and laboratory tools, to the screen on your Smartphone or the color of your car – Merck ideas are everywhere.

Our door is always open to collaboration. Long-term partnerships enable us to build business success with our customers and partners around the world. In 2015, we generated total revenues of € 12.8 billion.

Founded in Darmstadt, Germany in 1668, we are the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Over 350 years, we have grown to 50,000 people across 66 countries worldwide. The founding family remains the majority owner of the company.

We are known globally as Merck except for in the USA and Canada where we operate as EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma and EMD Performance Materials.

We aspire to relentlessly improve customer service and operational excellence to ensure First Care Courier Pharmacy’s position as one of the leading providers of HIV medication in South Africa. Our client centric call centre’s prime objective is to promote compliance and an uninterrupted treatment plan. We will address patients’ unmet needs and provide them with access and assistance in healthcare wherever and whenever they may need it. We believe we can unlock additional value for patients without compromising their integrity and confidentiality.

The Medical Advisors Group (MAG) is an association of Medical Advisors and other Professionals in the Healthcare Funding Industry. Its objectives are promoting cost effective and equitable healthcare and contributing towards sustainable and socially responsible health systems.

The benefits of membership include liaising with similar colleagues, CPD accredited meetings and conferences, and promoting industry initiatives and professional paths.

Prior has re-invented Health Delivery, for a time such as this, and have finally launched our unique Mobile Health Voucher Product.

Engaging the future – with innovative Mobile Technology - to meet the needs of the Employed Uninsured Market, and Low Income earners.

Low cost of entry, and simplicity are the hallmark of this amazing comprehensive, authentic solution – for access to Health – crafted for a Target Market who know how to use Cell Phones !

Web based Portal provides ease of Registration for : Brokers, Employers, Health Practitioners – for all participants to gain access to using our Mobile Health Vouchers, which can be Redeemed via our Network of Practitioners around the Country.
System also provides REPORTS DASHBOARD for informative Voucher activity for all Parties, real time live - 24/7.

Full process of - Employer Voucher Purchases, issues to Staff, Broker Fees, Redemption by Doctor – and payments to ALL Parties, fully automated via our World Class Voucher IT Systems. View our new interactive web portal at : www.priormobile.co.za

Healthcare for everyone made simple …

For over 16 years, DLA Group has provided comprehensive maternity and toddler healthcare programmes and solutions to medical schemes in South Africa and across border

We provide detailed pregnancy/baby care information through;

  • regular telephonic and email communications,
  • sms & mobile applications
  • packed scheme branded diaper bag filled with Goodies,
  • 24 hour advice line,
  • pregnancy/birth books,
  • identifying pregnancy risk pre-birth for case management intervention,
  • chronic disease articles relating to mom’s disease and pregnancy,
  • information on the stages of pregnancy, common ailments, birthing options, pain relief options, nutrition and breastfeeding,
  • networking mothers into birth support associations,
  • coping with the newborn and baby’s 1st year packs,
  • numerous discounts off essential items,
  • immunisation, childhood illnesses, & development stages.

The programmes can be customised to cater for your scheme’s brand and uniqueness. Contact Deryse on deryse@dlagroup.co.za or +27 82 588 7934/ +27 11 704 4646.

Medipost is South Africa’s largest courier pharmacy with a 26 year successful track record in the dispensing and delivery of medication. Medipost specialises in seamless take-on processes and delivery of Chronic, HIV, Oncology and other Speciality Medication to any destination in South Africa. We are proud to serve both the medical scheme/private industry as well as NHI chronic patients.

Medipost’s technological advancements have set us apart from the rest of the industry and services are provided in all 11 official languages. Pharmacy personnel are trained in the scheme/client reimbursement rules and can assist patients in understanding and following the authorization process in order to obtain their medication from their correct benefit.

As part of Medipost’s patient-centric service offering, we provide personal telephonic clinical consultations through our friendly and qualified pharmacists and pharmacists’ assistants. Delivery is free of charge to your destination of choice. When you hear the word ‘Medipost’: think all pharmacy...all convenience.


Africa’s undisputed leader in providing modern ICT business solutions to the insurance sector – 2Cana Solutions – brings broad experience and deep technical expertise to clients in Healthcare funding, Administration, managed care, disease management as well as life and general insurance.

2CANA’s clients in the insurance sector include Bestmed Medical Scheme, Momentum Health, Swazimed, Private Health Administrators, TopMed Medical Scheme, First Mutual Health, Alliance-Midmed, Hollard Insurance Company, Bryte Insurance Company, Old Mutual and Cellmed Health.

Our flagship solution, HiP: Holistic Insurance Platform, provides a complete TPA or self-administered solution for health and general or short-term insurance products. The HiP Solution enables you to dynamically and rapidly adapt to the changing market conditions and compliance requirements with innovative products and superior service levels.
Some highlights:

  • Comprehensive integrated healthcare funding solution.
  • Significant depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the insurance and health insurance and medical aid administration space.
  • Team of over 150 talented, qualified and passionate individuals
  • Highly accredited and certified by our business partners.

2CANA Solutions currently supports more than 20 insurers in 15 countries across 4 continents with over one million policy holders and a total premium yield over R10bn.

DENIS, Africa’s Leading Dental Funder, has been providing innovative dental solutions for the past 21 years. We are passionate about dental and strive to exceed the expectations of all our clients. As part of EOH Healthcare we have the scale and support of the JSE’s leading Technology Provider in EOH.

Iso Leso Optics Ltd, a South African Optometric Network majority owned by practising optometrists. Their members are committed to delivering clinically sound and innovative eyecare to all patients.

This network has a reputation of delivering high quality service and products to their members and medical schemes. Innovation lies at the heart of this progressive network, and Iso Leso can proudly claim to be a leader in introducing clinical programs widely accepted as the benchmark in optometric care.

Their ground-breaking Practitioner Enhancement Program (PEP) and their telemedicine development initiative in partnership with the Africa Vision Institute have introduced advanced clinical interventions on a primary level.

The Iso Leso Vision Partner Program is designed to deliver world class quality to patients via strategic alliances with global leaders in prescription lens manufacture.

You are invited to share their view by visiting their stand at the BHF Conference.

ICPA (Independent Community Pharmacy Association) is an organization which provides independent community pharmacies with a collective strength and a coherent voice that is heard by government, medical schemes, pharmaceutical suppliers and importantly, the consumer. ICPA represents a large pool of professionals in the healthcare sector with over 1 000 pharmacies, about 2 500 pharmacists and 20 000 supportive healthcare personnel spread across metropolitan, urban and rural South Africa. The objective of ICPA is to assist and support its members in securing a sustainable and successful future as independent, owner-managed pharmacies. In addition to this, ICPA strives to foster an understanding of the role that independent pharmacies play in delivering important healthcare services to the communities that they serve.