The Healthcare Forensic Management Unit (HFMU) is an information and resource sharing group which enjoys the participation of the majority of medical schemes, administrators, management and administration entities and some insurers.

The core focus of this unit is to facilitate a unified approach with regards to fraud in the medical schemes environment. This is achieved by sharing information regarding fraud, over billing and over servicing in order to minimise fraud across the industry and to protect medical schemes from healthcare providers and medical scheme members who shift their wrongdoings from one medical scheme to another once “caught out”.

The HFMU is co-ordinated and administrated under the auspices of The Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa and is unique in that it is the only initiative of its kind within the healthcare industry.

The benefits of participating in the HFMU includes but is not limited to working within a strict legal framework to ensure a fair and transparent approach; no duplication of efforts; collaboration with professional and international bodies; a more streamlined process with criminal matters due to newly formed relationships with the likes of the SAPS, NPA and the various prosecuting authorities; regular training workshops and much more.

The unit recently launched its new logo and can proudly say that the Healthcare Forensic Management Unit is here to stay and we will continue to maintain a zero tolerance approach around fraudulent activities within the healthcare environment.