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The Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) is the largest restricted medical scheme in the country with a principal membership of over 760 000 and two million beneficiaries.


GEMS was established with a mandate to provide efficient, cost-effective and equitable healthcare coverage to public service employees.


At the core of its mandate, GEMS seeks to provide all members with access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare. Its vision is to drive transformation in the healthcare industry and retain its position as an excellent, sustainable and effective medical scheme.


GEMS offers six healthcare benefit options that were each designed to help public service employees and their families to get the best possible healthcare at the most affordable rate. 


As South Africa’s largest restricted Scheme, GEMS has the lowest non-healthcare expenditure which means more benefits for members and their beneficiaries. The Scheme’s flagship benefit options, Tanzanite One and Emerald Value Option (EVO), continue to perform exceptionally well, which serves to highlight the outstanding service that GEMS provides to members. This is also evidence of the fact that GEMS remains a member-centric scheme which is deeply connected to the needs of its members. Public service employees on employment levels one to five may qualify for 100% subsidy of their contributions on the Tanzanite One benefit option subject to terms and conditions.


GEMS aims to ensure that contributions remain low to provide access to quality healthcare at the lowest possible rates, while providing rich benefits to its members. The Scheme’s EVO remains its best performing option, as it has the lowest monthly contribution increase among all options, which make sense for members to stay or switch to this option. The option is designed to minimise member exposure to out-of-pocket payments, which remains a major challenge for those who belong to medical schemes. EVO is more affordable because members make use of a network of healthcare providers and nominate a general practitioner of their choice to coordinate their healthcare needs.


GEMS has received accolades from the Institute of Risk Management South Africa for innovative and outstanding risk management. GEMS won the BHFs’ Titanium Award for access to healthcare at the last conference and was recently recognised by the Top Employers Institute as one of the top employers in 2022.

Patients first, always

Universal, the largest independent health and technology company of its kind in South Africa, has been one of the fastest-growing in the healthcare industry over the last decade.

Touching the lives of some 10-million people worldwide, this specialist-integrated healthcare and technology company has a multi-national footprint with offices in South Africa and the United States.  

Owner-managed and run by a hands-on entrepreneurial team with a passion for delivering excellence and a strategic vision for sustainable, appropriate healthcare, Universal is a leader in third party administration, integrated healthcare management, managed care, pharmaceutical benefit management, corporate wellness, insurance, and a variety of novel innovative health technology services developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

Patients come first at Universal, and we always ensure they have access to the best and most appropriate care available. Our personalised healthcare management approach and patient care are what sets us apart. This, together with our sophisticated and proprietary IT systems, patented transaction rules engine and international evidence-based medical protocols is why more than 30 healthcare funds have entrusted us with their members.

The way we conduct our business in healthcare, permeates not only through the benefits offered by every medical scheme we administer and manage – but also in the way we interact with those with whom we come into contact.

Our purpose is to help patients who are ill get better. And, to help those who are well, live healthy lives so they can remain well. We partner with healthcare professionals to practise quality medicine that is both scientific and evidence-based, always with a caring approach. We are committed to being a trusted medical advocate that speaks for patients when they are unable to do so. Our purpose and values resonate through every fibre of our organisation and attention to detail, together with ongoing innovation, ensures that we continue to provide patients with access to world-class healthcare solutions at an affordable price.

We have made significant strides in developing innovative new healthcare products and services to enhance our offering to our clients. One of the latest products in our product range is uConsult, currently the one of the most comprehensive virtual consultation platforms any patient and healthcare provider could wish for. The uConsult clinical toolset enables healthcare providers to extend their online service offering to patients.

Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Universal.one, Inc. is the latest addition to the Group. Our technology centre is in San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley where our dedicated Innovation Team operates from and where we have access to the finest global talent. Our multi-national team of technology and healthcare experts, now operates from a number of locations across the world.


Phakamisa v/t [phaga’mi:sa]: IsiZulu for elevate, lift, raise, uplift, upliftment.

Phakamisa is AstraZeneca’s access to healthcare initiative in South Africa.

Through partnerships with multiple healthcare stakeholders we aim to improve the health outcomes for patients in South Africa and reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases on South Africa’s public healthcare system. The Programme specifically addresses early detection of disease, promotion of primary prevention, and access to care.

Phakamisa is delivered through a three-pillared approach – Training, Awareness and Access –  with a current focus on improving breast and prostate cancer management in the public sector.


AstraZeneca is a global innovation driven biopharmaceutical company pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.


Science can change our vision of the world and how we deal with the diseases that affect us. The future of treatment for many of today’s diseases lies in uncovering disease mechanisms that are newly emerging or are still to be discovered. Science challenges us to push the limits of what is possible to deliver life-changing medicines for patients in Africa.  This is why we put science at the centre of everything we do.


We market medicines that are designed to improve the health and quality of life of patients, focusing on 3 main therapy areas: Respiratory and Immunology; Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) with newer treatments in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus being our core strength; and Oncology with targeted and immune-oncology therapies being the future portfolio in cancer management.


We engage extensively with our HCPs, from participation in clinical trials and as part of our sales and marketing work, ensuring that clinicians have the best access to information about our products in order to make appropriate treatment decisions, delivering better patient care.


Our Continent’s future social and economic development will depend on an equitable and inclusive healthcare system that is able to respond to the healthcare needs of all Africans.  At AstraZeneca we are committed to working with governments, policy makers and regulatory bodies across our markets on healthcare reform to deliver a sustainable solution that ensures patients encounter fewer barriers to treatment.


Our commitment to improve health outcomes for African patients extends far beyond our medicines. We offer programmes that advance patient health and access along the care continuum and provide reliable support networks.

When we see an opportunity for change we seize it and make it happen, because an opportunity no matter how small can be the start of something big.

3 Sixty

3Sixty Health is a 100% black-owned and managed administrator offering cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions. It is accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes to offer both administration and managed-care services.

3Sixty Global Solutions Group

Cape Sativa

3Sixty Nuclear Medicine

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Masimba Mareverwa 


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Insight is the leading provider of independent actuarial advice and analytics services in the local healthcare market. Our consultants provide actuarial and consulting support to our clients in over 30 African countries. From large open schemes to small single employer restricted schemes, our consultants are accustomed to tailoring their advice to take account of each client’s unique context. Our services include actuarial consulting, provider benchmarking, provider reimbursement modelling, health policy consulting, quality measurement, business intelligence and strategic analytic services. Our unique service offering is underpinned by a multi-disciplinary understanding of the actuarial discipline, IT systems and clinical considerations.


The AfroCentric Group is the most diversified healthcare company in Southern Africa, with more than 3.8 million lives under management (39% market share) serviced in the region. The Group is a majority black-owned, JSE-listed investment holding company with a focus on health administration, health risk management, pharmaceuticals, wellness and disease management as well as health-centric information and communications technology-based solutions.


Medscheme is the largest health risk management services provider and is among the leading medical scheme administrators in South Africa, with almost 4 million lives under management. Its clients include many of the country’s major medical schemes Bonitas, Fedhealth, GEMS and Polmed, as well as several other medical schemes.


Is a tech-based contributor to the medical sector that empowers healthcare communities by providing access to information that enhances total individual care. Allegra strives to seamlessly gather and share vital information with appropriate healthcare providers, funders and other stakeholders, ultimately resulting in enhanced quality of life for patients.


Over the last two decades, AfA’s programme has evolved to become what it is today – a powerful partner to our beneficiaries, their treating doctors, employers, medicine dispensaries and healthcare funders. Shaped by years of clinical research and extensive expertise, AfA’s methods are considered the industry standard by healthcare professionals both locally and abroad. We bring measurable value to all our stakeholders by offering a holistic solution to all aspects of HIV and chronic disease care.


DENIS has 25 years of experience as a managed care company and its focus is entirely on dental management. With DENIS being part of the AfroCentric Group, it adds to the Group’s diversity as focused dental managed care is now a new product to offer to all its medical scheme clients.


Klinikka is the licensed operator of the Documentation Based Care (DBC) Concept in Southern Africa. The DBC concept provides individualised, evidence-based and inter-disciplinary treatment for the management of chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Klinikka licenses the DBC treatment concept & provides DBC Equipment and administration services to 27 independently owned treatment centres in Southern Africa.


Is a specialist procurer and distributor of affordable pharmaceutical, surgical and medical products and devices. It has distribution agreements with several multi-national manufacturers with a national footprint. MMed partners with private hospitals and improves their cost-efficiency by providing a fully outsourced stock supply and management service.

Pharmacy Direct

Distributes and delivers chronic medication to urban and rural areas for medical scheme clients and government’s CCMDD programme.

AfroCentric Wellness Solutions( Formally known as Wellness Odessy)

Provides people-centric wellness solutions that identify non-communicable clinical risk; promote awareness and supply educational material; refer designated high-risk members to established disease management programmes; and provide home-based care services to scheme members.

AfroCentric Technologies

Essential Med

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Companies that are serious about the health and wellness of their workforce and understand how this translates into improved productivity will benefit richly from a working partnership with CompCare.

One of the most enduring medical schemes in the country, CompCare has an outstanding track record spanning more than four decades. The scheme affords members the freedom to pursue their passions, safe in the knowledge that they are covered by a medical scheme that does not compromise on care. As one of South Africa’s top ten medical schemes and with one of the highest reserve levels among open medical schemes in the industry, CompCare is financially sound.

Known for its competitive product range and customer-focused service, the scheme is well placed to provide attractive savings while offering a diverse, benefit-rich range of products. From executive cover to innovative Efficiency Discounted options, CompCare has a benefit to fit any pocket and lifestyle. All CompCare plans include market-leading wellness and preventative benefits at no extra cost. These benefits are funded by the scheme and will not deplete day-to-day savings.

The customer-centric CompCare approach is rooted in a value proposition that provides a fine blend of affordability, choice and benefit richness underpinned by a personalised approach.