8th Annual Titanium Awards


On the 15th of May 2023, BHF will be hosting the 8th Annual Titanium Awards at the CTICC.

The Titanium Awards honours organisations and individuals who are driving programmes, initiatives and campaigns that create access to healthcare for communities. It aims to recognise the leading performers amongst medical schemes, administrators, managed healthcare, private and public hospitals and the industry at large. More importantly, to recognise and honour the top performers and those delivering superior service to their customers and members. The awards concept was officially launched at the 2014 BHF Annual Southern African Conference.

Objectives of the awards:

1) Recognise and celebrate businesses that deliver superior service to their customers and members in the public and private sector
2) Demonstrate best practice and knowledge sharing
3) Recognise application of best practise in action:
      a) Well rounded
      b) Sustainable
      c) Holistic and Responsible
4) Promote partnerships between the public and private sector
5) Provide a unique platform to network and collaborate

Award Candidates

Entries are open to all individuals, healthcare professionals and organisations in the public and private sectors, who are actively involved in driving change by creating affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare throughout the region.
− Medical schemes
− Administrators
− Pharmaceutical companies
− Managed care companies
− Healthcare professionals
− Non-profit organisations
− Government agencies
− CSI programmes