Annual BHF Conference 2023

About the conference

The BHF annual Conference is an environment that inspires, industry cohesion on emerging issues, innovation, action, honest discussions about what’s next!

The annual BHF conference is one of the largest healthcare conventions on the continent. It provides healthcare insights, and facilitates engagement and cohesion on fundamental challenges facing the healthcare ecosystem.

The conference offers networking opportunities such as the BHF Golf Challenge, the prestigious Titanium Awards and various cocktail functions.



The theme for this year’s conference is: Convergence to a person-centric health ecosystem – leaving no health citizen behind.

Theme summary

“A patient is first and foremost, a person with an identity, a past, a personal and a cultural background.” Being a patient is therefore a secondary role assumed by a person at every touch-point in the care continuum.

While it is now widely accepted in political and policy declarations that the person should be at the heart of a health ecosystem, for many countries centring a system around people remains a major challenge. However, given the current and increasing pressure on many health systems, we can no longer afford to overlook the value of person-centredness.

At this year’s conference the sector will converge around the theme: a person-centric health ecosystem that leaves no one behind. The conference will spotlight a health ecosystem that has people and communities at its centre, empowers the patient’s voice, promotes equity and embraces co-production of proactive care. Leading experts will share strategies on how health systems can strengthen governance and accountability, align policies to create an enabling environment, the role of each player in a patient’s journey and in the delivery of care, the value of person-centricity and its ideal framework.




Event Summary

Exhibition Setup 13th May 2023 09h00-24h00
Delegate Registration 13th May 2023 14h00-16h30
Golf Challenge 14th May 2023 07h00-15h00
Governance Workshop 14th May 2023 09h00-15h00
Opening Ceremony 14th May 2023 17h00-22h00
Exhibition 15th – 17th May 2023 07h00-18h00
Delegate Registration 15th May 2023 07h00-10h30
Plenary Session 15th May 2023 08h00-15h00
Titanium Awards Gala Event 15th May 2023 19h00 till late
Plenary Session with Parallel workshops 16th May 2023 09h30-17h00
Plenary Session 17th May 2023 09h00-12h00
Exhibition Breakdown 17th May 2023 13h00