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IMPORTANT NOTICE: To gain access to new services and search PCN data, all healthcare funding organisations must re-register on the PCNS 2.0 website at

Real-time access to practice numbers and healthcare service provider data is now possible with PCNS 2.0, a new website for the Practice Code Number System (PCNS) recently launched by the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).

The real-time search capability is a major enhancement and one that necessitated a complete redevelopment of the PCN application. This formed part of the second phase of an extensive system revamp initiated by BHF’s PCN division last year.

Until now users, who needed to verify that a practice exists in order to process a claim, experienced a 24-hour information delay. This, in turn, resulted in corresponding hold-ups with the actual processing of claims.

The new PCNS 2.0 search facility is real-time, which means that there is no delay in information. As the database is updated with new service provider data and new practices and practice code numbers are added, PCNS users will have the information at their fingertips – literally.

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Effective 1 May 2021, the new PCNS contact centre number will be 087 210 0500. If you require more information, visit or get in touch with the PCNS team via email at