Cape Sativa Corporation

Cape Sativa is a subsidiary of 3Sixty Global Solutions Group, a leading diversified business conglomerate with interests in funeral, financial, healthcare, scientific, technology and client services. Cape Sativa uses a Nano Technology Platform that makes cannabinoids more water soluble, more stable, with enhanced cellular absorption, for application in pharmaceutical, medicinal, nutraceutical, cosmeceuticals, beverages, and edibles.

The business was officially registered in 2022 and has a few pipeline products to be launched in the market. Cape Sativa aims to compete with classical pharmaceuticals by taking our products through rigorous development and clinical trials.

Cape Sativa has started the development of cannabis based pharmaceutical products, some of which are about to enter human trials for the treatments of infectious diseases including COVID and the treatment of long COVID. Cape Sativa has also advanced the development of treatments for melanoma and non-melanoma skin, cervical and ovarian cancer. Cannabis will target under explored therapeutic pathways, to the endocannabinoid system.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 10 593 4630