The Day Hospital Association (DHASA) is an umbrella non-profit organisation based in South Africa that currently represents 45 registered private day hospitals. Our member hospitals offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional (overnight/acute) hospital stays for same-day surgical procedures. Through the DHASA platform our members hospitals share knowledge and best practices, improving the overall quality of care provided to patients in a same-day surgical environment.

The Day Hospital Association first came into being in 1992, ahead of its time in South Africa and part of the private healthcare industry, a complex landscape that would undergo numerous changes and be affected by various sectors and role-players over the following 20 years.

The period 2000-2005 in South Africa was marked by many day hospitals acquired by acute hospitals in the same area and then subsequently closed, resulting in a dominant acute environment for years. In the early years day hospitals were perceived to offer no real benefits and/or value within the private healthcare service delivery chain. Day Hospitals are still far behind when comparing the ratio of acute hospitals and day hospitals abroad, where the % of day hospitals or ambulatory centres are dominant by far in numbers and % of day procedures performed. Since 2014, there has been a steady growth in the number of day hospitals in South Africa, however the total number of day hospitals vs traditional hospitals are still not on the same ratio as abroad.

The DHASA in its current form was revived in 2014 with the main objective of promoting day hospitals and the benefits of day surgery in South Africa.

DHASA’s objectives were further strengthened through the competition commission exemption approval in 2022 to collectively represent its member hospitals specific to: –

· Collective Bargaining

· Centralised Procurement and

· Global/bundled fee contracting

Our operational focus is concentrated on the:

o Promotion of the of Day Hospitals as a cost-effective alternative for hospitalisation

o Development of Day Hospitals in the Healthcare Sector

o Reduction of costs in the Private Healthcare of South Africa

o To promote the benefits and advantages of day surgery in South Africa

Our vision and mission include:

o Promoting same day surgical procedures for the selective patient, receiving quality affordable care in the appropriate facility.

o To assist driving down the cost of private healthcare in South Africa

o To provide quality, affordable private healthcare available and accessible to more patients.

o To be recognised as a significant private healthcare role player and efficient contributor in reducing the cost of private healthcare through the promotion and development of day hospitals.

The DHASA is committed to promoting patient safety, ensuring that the highest standards of care are maintained in all member hospitals. The Association also advocates for the recognition of day hospitals to serve as a distinct category of healthcare providers, creating an enabling environment for their growth and development.

The day hospitals offer a range of same-day procedures, including surgery related to ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, urology, gynaecology, plastic surgery, dentistry, general surgery etc. All stakeholders benefit from the individual attention provided by experienced medical professionals in a small comfortable set-up. A typical day hospital will consist of 3 theatres and 25 – 30 beds and all the areas are in close proximity to one another resulting in on time surgeries.

The DHASA works closely with medical schemes, and other professional bodies to ensure that patients have access to these cost-effective and convenient services. There is a DHASA framework to guide member hospitals in understanding and adopting the principles of appropriate surgery in the appropriate setting.

The DHASA plays a vital role in the South African healthcare industry by promoting access to safe, cost-effective, and high-quality surgical services. Its member hospitals offer an individualised experience that is both convenient and affordable, making it an attractive choice for patients seeking an alternative to traditional hospital stays.