Our Mission

Our mission is to distribute cutting-edge technology that aids in the early detection and treatment of diseases affecting women’s health.

We are the sole distributor in South Africa, of the iBreastExam (iBE).

The iBreastExam is a class B medical device that is US FDA-cleared for breast lesion documentation during Clinical Breast Examinations. It is a non-invasive, radiation-free breast examination device that can be used virtually anywhere by healthcare workers to assist in the detection of lumps in a patient’s breast.

The ultra-portable, hand-held device (iBE) is wireless, battery-powered, cloud connected at point of care and easily operable by care providers. It also provides instant results.

The iBreastExam goes beyond clinical examination in that the solution allows the operator/facility to:

· Create records of the clinical breast exams in a consistent and repeatable format

· Incorporate reports into electronic medical record (EMR) systems and workflows

· Potentially find hard-to-palpate lesions

· Reassure patients ineligible for routine mammograms or patients with dense breasts

· Support the care workers’ clinical expertise and reinforce any decision to see further diagnostic imaging with documentation from the iBreastExam

· Sharing of reports and replays of the exams with specialists and patients