Titanium Awards Criteria

Below are the categories recognizing excellence in creating access to healthcare, service excellence to members, clients and patients, as well as young and lifetime achievers.

Titanium Award for Excellence in Creating Access to Quality Healthcare

This award seeks to honour organisations driving programmes, initiatives and campaigns that create access to healthcare for communities. The award is open to all organisations in the healthcare sector, including medical schemes, administrators, pharmaceutical companies, managed care companies, SMMEs, healthcare professionals, non-profit and government agencies, including CSI programmes. Fifty thousand rands in prize money is up for grabs for this category. The winning individual/academic or organisation will receive R50,000 in prize money.

Titanium Award for the Best Integrated Report (NEW CATEGORY)

The King IV principle 5 emphasises the importance of the governing body ensuring that the organisation’s reports enable stakeholders to make informed assessments on the entity’s performance and short, medium, and long-term prospects.

Organisational stakeholders always seek to better understand the company’s strategy, competitive position, empowerment efforts, sustainability (broad definition), SDG elements such as access to essential services (Constitutional mandate), impact on health status and healthcare quality, and member satisfaction, among other things. While the integrated report is work in progress for all organisations, it does reflect the level of governance and improvements made on many aspects of the operational environment.

This award seeks to recognise the organisation for the progress made, completeness, conciseness and usability of the report by stakeholders.

Titanium Award for Young Achiever

This award celebrates young professionals who have made a notable impact in the healthcare industry. It seeks to promote effective succession within the sector to sustain the future of the medical profession. The winning individual will receive R50 000 in prize money.

Titanium Award for Service to Membership: Open, Closed & Self-administered Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Care Organisations

This award recognises and rewards medical schemes (open, restricted and self-administered), administrators and managed care organisations providing the best service to their members. It celebrates industry excellence and unprecedented contributions to members by providing value for money.