Heaps Health

HEAPS is a B2B SaaS platform that uses generative AI and machine learning to streamline care management and care coordination through evidence-based behavioural changing interventions. Operating across India, the United States, the Middle East, Singapore, and South Africa, Heaps enhances patient outcomes for Hospitals and reduces overall healthcare utilisation for Medical Schemes and Administrators.

HEAPS flagship products, Chronic Care Management Module (CCM) and Post Discharge Care Management Module (PDCM) aim to decrease incidence rate of hospitalisations and re-hospitalisations by ensuring timely follow-ups and early complication detection.

With over 5 million interactions, HEAPS has significantly impacted the healthcare industry by reducing hospitalisation rates by 10-15% and re-hospitalisation rates by 30-35%, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction by 25%. These achievements have delivered a 4x-5x ROI to our clients, positioning HEAPS as a vital tool for healthcare providers and payers.