Hearing loss is a severe and debilitating chronic condition, that significantly deteriorates the quality of life of someone who is unable to communicate effectively, and which also incurs material downstream expenses for a medical scheme. The lack of focus on hearing loss treatment has caused rampant FWA in the industry with no funder oversight over the quality and cost of services and devices claimed for. Despite all the known medical and psychological benefits, hearing loss remains one of the most under-diagnosed chronic conditions as a result of a number of factors, including: stigma; prohibitive cost; lack of perceived need and access to screening and treatment.

To address this need, hearConnect have designed a comprehensive set of innovative Audiology Benefit Management (ABM) services that will guarantee members access to the best quality treatment at the most cost-effective price.

We are the first Organisation to provide a contracted Network of over 350 Audiology practices, with a national footprint across all 9 provinces. We are also the first to offer Audiology Anywhere™ – convenient consultations and diagnostic testing, rendered by our mobile audiology teams, in the comfort of a member’s home. This has been particularly well received for those beneficiaries who are immobile or live far from urban areas. In addition we provide an innovative Online Digital Hearing Screener for the prevention and early detection of hearing loss as a primary benefit. Visit our website at www.hearconnect.co.za to test your hearing and see what we can do for your medical scheme.