Icon Oncology

About Icon Oncology

Icon Oncology is the leading provider of oncology treatment and managed care services in South Africa. Since its inception, Icon Oncology Holdings and its subsidiaries, Icon Radiotherapy, Icon Chemotherapy and Icon Managed Care have pioneered the move to value-based care (VBC) in cancer treatment on the African continent.

Icon Oncology’s provider network, facilities infrastructure and value-based care model bridges the gap between funders and medical practitioners, creating a patient centric environment that enhances access to cancer care. Its proprietary e-Auth® system gives cancer patients real-time access to life-saving treatment.

Icon Oncology’s rigorous accreditation process is part of its key objective to ensure quality cancer care in South Africa. Its VBC model is supported by protocols, a formulary and integrates evidence-based medicine.

In an environment of escalating healthcare costs that disadvantage the majority of South Africans, many cancer sufferers are still not gaining access to quality cancer treatment fast enough. Icon Oncology is ideally positioned to align the interests of government, medical schemes, oncologists and patients to improve and widen access to care and ensure the long-term sustainability of oncology in South Africa.