Insight is a unique firm of hand-picked actuaries, clinicians, engineers, developers, and data scientists with a passion for problem-solving. The Insight team comprises nearly 100 actuarial, clinical, and analytical staff, and the company has almost 25 years of experience in healthcare markets. Our advanced toolset, combined with our multidisciplinary approach, enables us to provide market-leading expertise that assists clients in managing risks and developing opportunities.

The newest addition to our tool kit ‘Voice of the Patient’ is a comprehensive platform that measures patient experience and outcomes, the critical components required for value-based funding in the South African and Australian private health insurance market. The platform was developed in partnership with various healthcare stakeholders, including clinicians, and provides a complete articulation of the value of care from multiple data sources and internationally accredited sources. Our recent partnership with IHCHOM further illustrates the credibility as well as the adoption of ‘Voice of the Patient’ across the markets we work in.