The South African Medical Association NPC (“SAMA”) is a non-statutory professional association for public and private sector medical practitioners. The organisation was established in 1927 and became known as it is today through the unification of a variety of doctors’ groups on 21 May 1998 that had represented a diversity of interests.

As a voluntary membership association, SAMA plays a significant role in advocating for the interests of medical professionals and promoting high standards of healthcare delivery in South Africa. It serves as the voice of local medical practitioners, representing their interests at various levels of government, healthcare organisations, and other relevant stakeholders. It advocates for policies that support the needs of healthcare professionals and improve healthcare outcomes in the country.

For its members, SAMA offers a host of support services, including legal assistance, professional indemnity insurance, and advice on matters related to medical practice, healthcare regulation, and professional ethics. For more information, visit and to join SAMA, please click HERE.