SpesNet Group

SpesNet (Pty) Ltd, a proud BBBEE Level 4 contributor, was founded in 2002 as a clinical organisation dedicated to accurately and efficiently delivering Healthcare Administration solutions to the market. The initial focus of the organisation was targeted at the Specialist practitioners where the complexity of billing and administration is the most multifaceted in the healthcare market.

Today SpesNet is a group of companies covering all aspects of technology in Healthcare via our multi skilled team of over 300 full time employed staff. These solutions range from Hospital Information Systems, Practitioner Billing Systems, Medical Scheme Management Systems, Dialysis Management Systems, Clinical Coding Systems, Healthcare Business Process’s, Clinical Waste Management as well as specialised accredited Healthcare, Case Management and Administration Training.

Coming from a clinical background gives SpesNet substantial advantage over traditional technology companies as we intimately understand the industry, workflows with in the industry and the practical application of the solution which is embedded into the fabric of our technology solutions.

The SpesNet Group of companies prides itself on offering a holistic solution stack from solution design through to software development, deployment, training and change management. We are fore mostly a healthcare organisation with over 20 clinically trained staff but have strong and well developed capabilities in delivering industry appropriate technology solutions. Our IT development arm has in excess of 80 developers with an additional 40 individuals in Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing and Support.

We are proud to work with key industry stake holders both in the private and public sector, having successfully delivered solutions to a variety of healthcare clients, demonstrating we understand the unique diversity of engaging in the South African healthcare market. Our success is cemented in successful delivery of practical and applicable solutions and the way our solutions have brought real value to our clients.

Clients we deliver solutions to are Medihelp, Sirago, FEMA, Life Healthcare (Life Keystone Portal), Netcare, Lenmed, HPCSA, CASA, SASP, BASA and a wide range of independent hospitals & clinics. Our systems also manage the practices of over 1/3 of the Specialist Practitioners in the private sector. We manage all the complexity of medical billing, Electronic Health record’s, facility management and utilisation and membership of over 6,2 million lives. Our solutions comprehensively cover the entire spectrum of administrative needs in the healthcare industry.

Below are a few stats of our South African based live systems:

  • Manage over 500,000 unique User Accounts on our systems.
  • Electronic Health Records of over 6,2 million patients.
  • Manage over 1,000,000 complex medical invoices per month.
  • Over 50 live systems hosted in our private cloud.

Below are a few stats of our South African based intelligence modules that power the above-mentioned systems:

  • Our coding module consist of all RPL, CCSA and ICD-10 & 11, their rules and guidelines, and the associated tariffs – there are more than 52 million rules in this database.
  • In our Funders File we manage and maintain plan and benefit information for 432 plans from 27 open Medical Schemes and 67 Closed Schemes. In addition, we manage and maintain information for 299 other health insurers that makes up 902 plans.
  • The SpesNet Payment Arrangement database contains Payment Arrangement and ARM information for all Specialist products currently offered in the South African market by Medical Schemes.

Operating Structure

SpesNet Group consists of numerous organisations each focused on its specific sector of the healthcare market. These are as follows:

SpesNet Group (Pty) Ltd Shared Services Organisation
SpesNet (Pty) Ltd  Regulators, Public Sector, MBcHB Practitioners, Funders, clinic’s & Hospitals
Profnet Medical (Pty) Ltd Allied Practitioners
DUXAH (Pty) Ltd DHET Accredited Training Academy
MediCharge (Pty) Ltd Specialist Practitioner Practice management systems
Tech4Green (Pty) Ltd Clinical Waste Management & Disposal
Biofourmis (Pty) Ltd Algorithmic analytics in cardio health


Locally we have our head office in Centurion, Gauteng. We have a remote satellite office in Bloemfontein which focuses on specific business interests and delivers services for the group in the region.

In addition, our full-time sales and in field support staff are based in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, East London, Durban and Pretoria from where we cover 100% of the providers in a 3-month cycle.