Universal Healthcare – at the Heart of Innovation and Better Care

“The healthcare of tomorrow has limitless potential to redefine the very essence of ‘care’. Our job now is to build a responsible, sustainable framework to guard the potency of that future, using innovative care and AI to support evidence-based medicine with a caring approach.”
– Dr Johan Pretorius, CEO

Now a global brand with a keen ability to build adaptable healthcare solutions, Universal maintains a firm grasp on industry forecasts and technology developments, ensuring that clients always have one foot in the future.

As an accredited administrator and managed care organisation, Universal offers a full suite of integrated services that touch the lives of nearly 11 million individuals worldwide, fulfilling the needs of a growing list of major medical schemes, health plans and corporate clients.

Universal is known for pushing the boundaries of personalised healthcare solutions that members love, backed by leading-edge technology and supported not only by decades of expert industry insights but also by the latest in artificial intelligence and technology. Perhaps most importantly, a profound understanding of what it means to truly care for people underpins every decision. This approach enables Universal to deliver a fully integrated service aligned with international best practice and evidence-based medicine.

We ensure that our contracted medical scheme clients receive the care they need when they need it most and support them to live healthy lives throughout. We help our medical scheme clients maintain healthy reserves, a reputation for service excellence, and a personalised, caring approach towards their members. Our global, electronic health benefit management expertise extends across traditional administration and managed care to include pharmacy benefit management, claims switching and processing for both the public and private sectors, provider network management and real-time connectivity to healthcare funders.

Performance Health, now majority Black-owned and with significant female black ownership, is making strides with its strategic vision of delivering sustainable, appropriate healthcare services to the public sector.

Internationally, our team of healthcare and technology experts continues to develop our digital healthcare ecosystem platform. New ideas and practical applications are constantly being unearthed through our ongoing deep dive into the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its ability to transform the way healthcare services are delivered.

Interested? Visit www.bhf.universal.co.za to speak to a Universal representative at the BHF 2024 conference.