We are proud to announce the arrival of two new medical schemes into the BHF Family

We are delighted to welcome Medshield Medical Scheme and EOH Health as members of the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF).

EOH Health has positioned itself as a leader in the African healthcare market. EOH Health touches the lives of over 2 million beneficiaries throughout Africa, Europe and the US and serves clients in the fields of Advisory and Consulting; Hospital, Dental and Primary Care Risk Management; Workplace Health and Wellness solutions; and Wellness Events Management.

Medshield one of the most trusted medical aid schemes in the country, proving its stability, support and professionalism over the years. Founded in the 1968, Medshield’s current membership profile covers more than 157 000 people. With an impeccable reputation of prompt payments to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and other medical caregivers guarantees approval from service providers, Medshield is counted amongst the country’s largest and most reliable medical aid schemes.

As the long-standing and acknowledged industry body representing open and restricted medical schemes, administrators and qualifying managed care organisations, BHF arguably has an important role to play to address industry needs, to add value to its members.

We are excited to have EOH Health and Medshield come on board during this challenging period in the private healthcare funding environment, this will help advance BHF’s call for a unified healthcare sector.

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