5th Annual Titanium Awards launched

We are excited to launch the 5th Annual Titanium Awards, which will once again continue to cast a spotlight on ACCESS; QUALITY; LEADERSHIP; and THE HEALTH CITIZEN. 

Calling on all individuals, healthcare professionals and organisations in the public and private sectors driving change by creating affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare throughout the Southern Africa region to submit entries for the 5th Annual Titanium Awards.

We know you’ve been making great contributions towards the healthcare industry, now tell us more about it by submitting your entry, entries from 07 February to 25 April 2019. 

This is what you need to do:

  1. Simply go to the bhfglobal.com/titanium-awards
  2. Select a category for entry or to make a nomination
  3. Fill in the entry form and submit ALL entry requirements
  4. Email all your documents to admin@titaniumawards.org

And you are done!

It’s as easy as that, for a quick read on the Awards Criteria please see below:

The Titanium Awards also seek to celebrate individuals and businesses that have delivered superior services to their members and clients in the public and private sectors; and facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice;  promote partnerships between the public and private sectors; and provide a platform for collaboration across the region.

Stand a chance to win R50,000.00 for the Titanium Award for Excellence in Creating Access to Healthcare. The award is open to all organisations and individuals in the healthcare sector, including CSI programmes, SMMEs, medical schemes, administrators, pharmaceutical professionals, managed care organisations, healthcare professional, and non-profit and government agencies dedicated to creating access to healthcare for communities. 

Stand a chance to win R20 000 for the Titanium Award for Best Healthcare Media Content cash. This award recognises health journalists and reporters for contributions made by health reporters and journalists towards raising awareness of healthcare issues across southern Africa.

Stand a chance to win R50 000 for the Titanium Award for Young Achiever. This award celebrates young professionals who have made a notable impact in the healthcare industry.

Stand a chance to win R50 000 for the Dr Humphrey Zokufa lifetime achiever award to go towards a charity of choice.

Calling on Open, Closed & Self- Administered Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Care Organisations to enter the Titanium Award for Service to Membership: Open, Closed & Self- Administered Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Care Organisations. This award recognises and rewards medical schemes (open, restricted and self-administered), administrators and managed care organisations providing the best service to their members. It celebrates industry excellence and unprecedented contributions to members by providing value for money.

Private and public hospital are invited to enter the Titanium Award for Health Facilities (Hospitals, Primary care, etc.). This award recognises individual healthcare facilities in the public and private sectors. This award acknowledges innovations and systems efficiency in the deliver of quality healthcare.

Who can enter the awards:

  • Are you an SMME, medical scheme, administrator, pharmaceutical professional, managed care company, healthcare professional, non-profit or government agencies that’s creating access to quality healthcare?
  • Are you or know of a dynamic youngster who is eligible for the Young Achiever Award?
  • Are you an individual or organisation delivering superior service to your members or community?

Entries close 25 April 2019

Entries can be e-mailed to: admin@titaniumawards.org

To confirm receipt of your delivery please email admin@titaniumawards.org

For more information, including the application process and terms and conditions of participation, visit http://www.bhfglobal.com/titanium-awards or email: admin@titaniumawards.org